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About Us
Since 1993, Academic Voyagers has developed short term academic study abroad programs with more than 40 colleges and universities, working with over 300 professors in a variety of fields of study; and we have taken more than 30,000 students overseas, most of them traveling outside of the US for the first time.
In the realm of Academia, we are not limited to higher education – Academic Voyagers has developed customized language & cultural programs with public and private high schools from various states and countries.
But don’t take our word for it!   About 90% of our yearly business is repeated from the year before. Talk to one of the major universities whom we have been working with consecutively for more than 10 years and become part of our new clientele.
Academic Voyages is a brand owned and operated by Celestial Voyagers, Inc.

For the School
Academic Voyagers is flexible. We are conscious of each university’s interests and budget, and work to provide the best value for each program. From the planning stages to the trip’s departure, we inform you about the foreign policies and suppliers’ demands for all deadlines and due dates, and maintain regular contact to ensure these are met. We are very familiar with the requirements of Risk Management and our $10 million liability insurance policy helps expedite their approval for our trips. We will work with you if minimum numbers could not be reached so that registered students will not be disappointed.
In regards to trip payment, we work with the Accounting Department to pay either globally by the university itself, individually by each student, or by a combination of the two. If using a grant, we have the experience to give the necessary support documents to assist and adapt to the specific demands of grant applications.
To help promote the trip, we will post the trip on our website for easy student registration and reference; and we will provide brochures that detail the pricing and trip itinerary. Should the University wish to publish its own, we will provide all the necessary materials and trip details to do so.  
For the Professor
Whether you want to focus on marine biology in the Caribbean, art in Italy, finance in China, or archeology in Arizona, Academic Voyagers can plan the perfect trip for you! Our expertise has no geographical limits and we work with the professors in charge to maximize the relevance of all trip visits while remaining conscious of the requirements of each syllabus. We will help you manage all trip details, such as the student rooming list and passport manifest. Our balanced itineraries minimize travel time and maximize your time at the sites; and they can also include professional visits to local businesses, again maintaining the academic focus of the course’s objective. We will also provide agency assistance to larger groups to handle all technicalities while travelling so the professors can focus on the academics.
For the Student
The trip isn’t just about the syllabus; it’s about enhancing student learning. Academic Voyagers offers the student centrally located hotels and interesting places to visit, creating an unforgettable learning experience outside the classroom. 

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