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At Academic Voyagers, our goal is to give every student an international experience. When teachers take their students out of the school classroom and into the Global Classroom, we understand that many administrators and school boards will have questions regarding these experiences. With Academic Voyagers, you are covered. We have numerous resources that are available to teachers and travelers that not only keep your students safe and secure, but also expand their education through the various opportunities we provide.
Reliability & Expertise
We have over 20 years of success in customizing educational travel learning experiences worldwide and most of our programs are repeated year after year, some of which now span over 10 consecutive years. Overall, we have developed academic study abroad programs with more than 40 colleges and universities, working with more than 300 professors in a variety of fields of study; we have developed customized language-, cultural-, science- and business-focused programs with public and private schools from various states and countries. In addition, we are IATA certified and members of the American Society of Travel Agents (ASTA).
Safety Abroad
We offer travel insurance through Allianz and we have the additional support of our long-standing relationships with global suppliers who provide a strong support network in the event of any unexpected occurrences or emergencies.
Generous Liability Policy
We know that liability is one of the primary concerns, and Academic Voyagers carries a $10 million dollar liability insurance policy to provide peace of mind. 
High-Quality Learning Experiences
We carefully tailor the course objectives of each syllabus, working closely with teachers and professors in order to maximize the relevancy of the learning experience. We provide access to industry insiders and academic experts, as well as non-traditional and professional visits.
Budget Flexibility
We will adapt to any budget and provide the best possible value to each program.  We present all available tour options, allowing organizers to make smart and informed decisions using thorough, reliable data. Our main objective is to optimize the successful launch of each program by putting in place back-up plans in case of unanticipated events or unsuccessful recruiting. For example, if a program does not meet minimum participant numbers, we try our best to find solutions so that registered students will not be disappointed. Possible solutions include pairing groups with similar itineraries, or renegotiating quotes and contracts.
Flexible Payment Options
In regard to trip payment, we work with the Accounting Department to pay either collectively by the school itself, individually by each student, or by a combination of the two. If using a grant, we have the experience to give the necessary support documents to assist and adapt to the specific demands of grant applications.
Trip Promotion
To help promote the trip, we will post the trip on our website for easy student registration and reference; and we will provide brochures that detail the tour’s pricing and itinerary.  If the school desires to publish its own materials, we will provide all the necessary trip details to do so. 

The deposit amount is set by the airlines and therefore varies, depending on the chosen airline(s). Once you approve the airline contract, you will typically have about 2 weeks to submit your deposit to hold the group space at the given price. 
Cancellations, Penalties and Fees
All changes and cancellations must be provided in writing. The following penalties apply:
  • Whole group cancellation before utilization date: $250
  • Name changes and corrections: $250
  • Deviations: $250 + difference in airfare
  • Cancellation after ticketing: 100% of tour cost
* Utilization is the percentage of seats that you must fill in regard to the total amount of seats reserved in the group contract. For example, if the group contract is for 50 seats and the airline's utilization percentage is 80%, there must be a minumum of 40 participants traveling in order to avoid airline penalties. The penalty amount is usually $250 but it will vary by airline. 
Deviation is a change in the flight schedule and/or route. For example, a flight deviation is if one of the passengers who is traveling with a group from New York to London would like to change the return date of his/her ticket to stay in London for a longer period of time. A route deviation is seen, on the same trip for example, when the passenger would like to travel to Paris for a week from London & return to New York from Paris. 

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