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Group Organizers & Leaders
What is a Group Organizer? 
The group organizer is the person who creates the tour and who is instrumental in its development. Depending on the nature of the group, the Group Organizer may consult with other travelers to build the perfect tour program or just choose to work with Celestial Voyagers and then distribute the information to the other travelers.  
What is a Group Leader? 
A Group Leader may also be the Group Organizer, or it may be someone else who is the group's "go to" person while traveling. For example, parents may organize a travel itinerary for their college-age children but the oldest child is in charge of the others. 
Reliability & Expertise
We have over 20 years of success in customizing travel experiences worldwide and most of our programs are repeated year after year, some of which now span over 10 consecutive years. In addition, we are IATA certified and members of the American Society of Travel Agents (ASTA).
Safety Abroad
We offer travel insurance through Allianz Travel and we have the additional support of our long-standing relationships with global suppliers who provide a strong support network in the event of any unexpected occurrences or emergencies.
Generous Liability Policy
We know that liability is one of the primary concerns, and Celestial Voyagers carries a multi-million dollar liability insurance policy to provide peace of mind. 
High-Quality Unique Experiences
We carefully tailor each tour according to each client's wishes in order to provide unique expeirences to make the tour truly unforgettable. 
Budget Flexibility
We will adapt to your budget and provide the best possible value to each tour itinerary. We present all available tour options, allowing organizers to make smart and informed decisions using thorough, reliable data. Our main objective is to optimize the successful launch of each program by putting in place back-up plans in case of unanticipated events or unsuccessful recruiting. For example, if a program does not meet minimum participant numbers, we try our best to find solutions so that registered students will not be disappointed. Possible solutions include pairing groups with similar itineraries, or renegotiating quotes and contracts.
Flexible Payment Options
In regard to trip payment, we work with the Accounting Department to pay either collectively by the school itself, individually by each student, or by a combination of the two. If using a grant, we have the experience to give the necessary support documents to assist and adapt to the specific demands of grant applications.
Trip Promotion
To help promote the trip, we will post the trip on our website for easy student registration and reference; and we will provide brochures that detail the tour’s pricing and itinerary.  If the school desires to publish its own materials, we will provide all the necessary trip details to do so. 

Step 1: Tour Discussion
Our team members are experts in the art of travel and trip planning, and they will work with you to create the perfect trip for your interests and budget, suggesting additional options that you may not have considered to further enhance the overall travel experience. What we need from you:
  • Desired travel dates
  • Destination(s) of interest
  • Anticipated participant numbers
  • Budget
  • Registration preference (if any)
  • Transportation preferences (if any)
  • Purpose of the tour itinerary (i.e. relaxation, cultural, etc.)
  • Desired services (optional excursions, professional visits, etc.)
Step 2: Decide the Itinerary
Once we have your anticipated trip details, we will create a proposed itinerary. You can look this over and notify us of any changes to be made until it is exactly what you are looking for. With the finalized itinerary, we will prepare a contract that will specify the trip’s details (including flight details & hotel list), as well as outline the foreign policies and suppliers’ demands for all deadlines and due dates. We will maintain regular contact to ensure these deadlines are met.
Step 3: Tour Promotion
The key here is to generate excitement!  Get the other travelers buzzing about your upcoming tour and you’ll recruit more and more. Some ideas are below:  
  • Talk it up
  • Display promotional materials in a variety of locations
  • Develop fundraising opportunities
  • Maintain communication through your personalized Trip Site
Step 4: Pre-Departure Meeting
Organize a pre-departure meeting for participants to learn more about the trip and ask any questions. You will also have received a packet of tour documents for each participant that will detail all aspects of the itinerary such as the daily itinerary, flight schedule, hotel lists, maps, and general information about the destination. 
Step 5: Tour Departure
Are you ready to begin?  Click here to complete the registration form. 

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