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Optionals, Add-Ons, & Extensions
Your personal consultant will help you find optional tours & activities that you can add to your tour either for a specific day or for a specific destination. For example, on a trip to Jamaica there could be an optional surfing lesson that can occur at any time during the stay. However, there may also be a local concert that is only available on a specific date. Optional tours & activities can be applied to just a few or to all in your traveling party. 

This applies to services that you may wish to add to the tour, such as a car rental, airport-to-hotel transfers, or personal guide services. These services are typically applied to all members of your traveling party. 

These can be added before or after your planned tour. For example, you may choose to extend your visit to California with a 3-day extension to explore the Grand Canyon. Or, before you begin your tour in France, you wish to fly into London and stay for a few days. 

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